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Charge and Sync Tablet Trolley – 16 positions

£970.00 ex. VAT

Product Description

Stores, charges and simultaneously synchronises 16 tablets with or without protective cases.

Accommodates all USB – powered tablets including iPad, Android tablets, Kindle Fire and more.

A robust dual locking system with locks located on top of the trolley to avoid damages to the lock and key during movement within the school, especially through doorways. When the device is fully charged but still plugged into the power supply our intelligent charging system will stop delivering power. Only when the device reaches the point of requiring additional charging will the charging system deliver any more power. When the device battery reduces to a certain level recommended by tablet manufacturers our board detects when the device requires power and provides it until the devices are fully charged again.


  • Smooth rounded corners with shock absorbing bumpers to protect tablets inside and the school walls during movement from classroom to classroom
  • Lock with keys located on the top preventing damage during movement through school building
  • Separate compartment with rear facing door for access to the USB cables
  • Innovative and tactile ergonomic handles in a variety of colours located on the top making it easy to move
  • Very Intelligent Charging automatically recognises and provides the required power for your device
  • Future proof technology via updatable firmware. Easy to install updates will ensure your TabCabby can charge and sync all latest tablets
  • Air Ventilation
  • Dimensions : 620x437x1030mm