Create a flexible new space over your pool

A swimming pool is the perfect place to relax, entertain and exercise. Using our innovative hard swimming pool covers you can transform your existing pool into a great new space for a range of uses. Stage Systems have installed Pool-dek worldwide, creating pool coverings for a range of clients, including corporate venues, hotels and private homes.

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Pool-dek is perfect for:

  • Parties and family occasions
  • Weddings and engagements
  • A dancefloor for entertaining
  • Temporary sports area
  • Business meetings or conferences
  • Extra seating for large events

Designed around your pool space

Pool-dek is a hard swimming pool cover that transforms your existing swimming pool space into a completely new room. The Stage Systems team work with you to create a temporary floor that fits the size and shape of your swimming pool, with a finish that blends in with your existing decor.

Pool-dek has been created to blend in perfectly with your existing colour scheme within your swimming pool room, from natural wood to glamorous gloss, you can choose from a range of hard-wearing floor finishes to complement your current scheme.

The wooden floor of the decking can be stained to almost any colour to match your present wall, floor, windows, doors or beams. Alternatively, you can choose a contrasting colour for a bolder effect. Whatever you choose, Pool-dek can create a beautifully effect for your pool room.

How does it work?

Our hard pool coverings utilise your existing space without the need to modify your pool. After a site visit we plan and design your pool cover before building it to order in our british manufacturing facility, all to the highest standards. We can work with you directly or consult your architect or interior designer to match your site’s needs.

Once built, our install team install a solid frame structure within your swimming pool. In most cases there is no need to drain the pool, the structure sits directly in the water to hold the modular decking that’s designed for a snug fit. Once installed, the frame is strong and durable, fit for any event.

It doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve finished using your new floor, the cover and frame can be dismantled to pack away neatly on wheeled storage trolleys, quickly and easily returning the space to it’s original form.

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