Tuesday 24th November 2015

From Sunday morning worship to a meeting of the local scout group, Epsom Methodist Church, Surrey, is a mainstay of community life.

Busy and vibrant, the church serves many varied parts of the local community. Built in 1914, the Victorian church has grown over time, with additions and extensions added over the decades, including a new church hall. Now thriving, the church is a well-used space for all members of the local community.

Inside the church however, the space did not reflect the welcoming feel that the church offered. Dark, narrow and with pew seating, the space was not conducive to group meetings.

Thanks to church donations along with various grants, a decision was made to overhaul the church and its facilities.  Central to the church’s redesign was the community and this meant creating a space that allowed for worship and meetings both large and small.

As well as making the space feel lighter and more welcoming, Stage Systems’ Q-build Multi-Level Staging was used to create a raised central area. Fitted with communion rails it allows for worshipers to join together to receive communion. The new raised area can also be easily adapted to suit other events within the church, from musical performances to drama group productions and of course, the annual children’s nativity!

Q-build is a versatile choice and ideal for venues that need to be able to adapt to a wide range of changing uses. Quick and easy to install, Q-build also has the added benefit of requiring no tools to build!

Supplied in kit form or as a bespoke design, Q-build is the ideal solution for many locations and with a range of finishes available, including birch, carpet or painted deck, it can be designed to coordinate with existing internal fittings.

For friendly, expert advice about Q-build or any of the other innovative staging solutions from Stage Systems, call the team on 01509 611 021.

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