Brooksby Melton College


Brooksby Melton College is an independent college based in the heart of Leicestershire. The college specialises in land-based courses such as animal care and agriculture, but is also a leading performing arts college with an excellent national profile.

The team at the college needed a flexible and easy to use staging system for performances at their King Street site in Melton Mowbray. Thanks to its light weight and the ease and speed with which it can be put up, taken back down and stored, Q-build fitted the bill perfectly.


Q-build answered the college’s desire to have a flexible staging product that would enhance the student experience through their creative and hands on use of the stage, as well as complementing the college’s existing drama facilities.


The performance studio at the college is in constant use for a variety of purposes and therefore the staging system had to be versatile, lightweight and easy to set up, dismantle and store away in a small space.

The studio performance space is used mainly by degree level students and the college wanted them to be able to create and design their own stage platform to engage them with the entire performance, with the minimum of training and supervision.

We provided Q-build, a clever system that builds up very simply with square frames supporting individual decks, which can be extended to varying sizes and heights of stage. It is lightweight and extremely strong, and can be created in single or multi-level layouts from the same components. It is so easy to put together without tools and creates a sturdy and rigid structure for any kind of performance.

All in all the Q-build kit (complete with all decks, frames, steps and storage) would give the convenience, flexibility and small storage footprint that the college were looking for.


All of the advantages of Q-build were amply demonstrated during a show at the college. Five short performances were planned throughout the day in the style of the Edinburgh Fringe. Q-build was to be used for four of the performances to build two basic stages, a catwalk and two towers to place TV monitors on.IMG_0372

Because of the speed and simplicity of Q-build, the students were able to turn the performances round really quickly, then stack and store the staging away ready for the one performance which didn’t need a stage. What’s more, thanks to the ease of build and light weight, the students could do all the building and creating themselves, helping to gain experience in different aspects of theatre management.

“The Q-build design has enabled us to create amazing performances, and get the students completely involved with creating different stage layouts.”


Brooksby Melton College are delighted with their Q-build staging system and have used it to mount a variety of performances in the college’s main studio space.

“We particularly like the fact that students can be off using Q-build with minimal supervision. That’s something you just couldn’t contemplate with other systems.”

The college have reported that Q-build has not only revolutionised the usage of their main performance area, it has also proved to be of enormous benefit to the students. It has stimulated their passion for expression and creativity, encouraged them to take control of staging and be more independent. Above all, the flexibility of Q-build has dramatically improved the studio area and will be a major part of the new performance facilities that are planned at the college in the future.


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