Loughborough Uni Graduation Stage

THE BRIEFLoughborough Uni Graduation

Celebrating its centenary this year, Loughborough University held its summer graduation ceremonies in the Sir David Wallace Building. Around 3,000 students from the University’s three faculties graduated during a total of eight ceremonies, which took place in the morning and afternoon over four days in July. As part of the centennial celebrations the University also held two Honorary Ceremonies, for over 1,000 former students, who had received a diploma at one of the University’s constituent colleges before full degree-awarding powers were bestowed.

Usually a sports hall and a venue for sports including basketball, archery, netball, volleyball and badminton, the Sir David Wallace Building needed a transformation from a sports hall to a graduation hall.


To set up for these events many rows of seating were laid out, the first block for those graduating and rows behind for their families, but the focal point at the front of the room was a large stage. This carpeted stage was about 12 meters wide, accessed by either steps with handrails or a ramp offering wheelchair access with a gradual incline at either end. Decorated with floral bouquets, and set out with lecterns at each end and chairs for the University Academics including the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, the Dean and Heads of Department.

A grand setting for these grand and memorable ceremonies and for everyone attending. But who would have thought that after the ceremonies are over, that everything, including the stage can be simply packed up and stored away?

Loughborough Uni GraduationThe stage, a robust and versatile structure is actually modular, which means it is built from a simple framework and panelled decks, which can be lifted and stored on a wheeled trolley. With accessories such as steps, wheelchair ramps, safety rails, handrails, skirting and carpet, this stage is the perfect example of how Multi-dek can be utilised to temporarily and easily add a strong and beautiful staging platform for any particular purpose.


“With the need for a raised platform, with strength and aesthetics, Multi-dek staging has proved that it has the necessary qualifications of its own to meet these requirements. The modular design allows for different sizes and formations of staging to be created, compact storage is intrinsic to the design and a variety of accessories means the staging can adapt for different uses. The Loughborough Graduation ceremonies could offer wheelchair access, stepped access, and a large carpeted stage area, helping to transform the hall into an amazing graduation event space.”


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