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The ultimate in shopping experiences, Selfridges offers customers the latest fashion, delicious foods and an utterly incredible choice of goods including homeware, beauty products and luxurious gifts.

However, the success of the stores is not only the goods on sale; the whole shopping experience involves the environment, the service and the people too. So, Selfridges invest in the best and keep their staff passionate about their work, engaging them with the latest products, promotions and events in the store and celebrate individual success – every Thursday morning!

Far more than a staff meeting, “Good Morning Selfridges” is a gathering of Selfridges people to mark their achievements and, with a different theme each week, to introduce new products and engage them in subjects that are important to the business.


Before the store is even open, the Internal Events team transforms the employee restaurant into the venue for the latest show. The speed of set-up is aided with the use of a modular stage that can be constructed in a variety of formats, quickly and simply – essential for the smooth running of the event and the turnaround back to a restaurant. The format of the stage varies: mainly used in a standard rectangular stage configuration, it is also used as a catwalk for fashion shows and in a u-shape to extend into the audience to encourage participation.

Entertainment is often woven into the event to help illustrate the theme of the day. It has included a procession of acts including plate spinners, BollywoodSelfridges dancers and acrobats with key features highlighting Christmas goods, women’s wear and environmental issues. The shows are total theatrical spectacles with backdrops and props, so the setting up and breaking down of the stage needs to be as speedy as possible. Taking about 40 minutes to set up, the stage, which is strong, versatile and stores away compactly, is Q-Build from Stage Systems.


“Chosen for its amazing capabilities, Q-Build staging is proving to be the ultimate in staging for Selfridges’ people and bringing this weekly event to the team has been made possible due to its qualities confirming that it is ‘a great all round performer, with true speed of assembly, adaptable format and neat storage.'”


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