Do you have fond memories of your school? Whether it was the teachers, the lessons, your friends and the atmosphere or even the school dinners that you have happy memories of, did you actually appreciate it whilst you were there? The children now at St Mary’s Hare Park School, in years to come will certainly be able to say that they did.

The school has a happy, caring and secure environment and the children work and play hard, and more importantly enjoy it. St Mary’s Hare Park aims to provide a balanced programme of educational activities and experiences to develop each child to their full potential within the Christian and Catholic ethos of the school.

With a mission such as this, a good backbone of teachers, facilities and ideas is essential, and another feature of the school. With specialist teachers in French, Physical Education, Information Communications Technology, Music, Speech and Drama, it is clear that they understand the importance of good teachers to inspire their students. Facilities such as the much loved Old House, home to the fully-equipped specialist music room, plus a new media and ICT suite and specialist Art and Science rooms, highlights the fact that the school finds great amenities just as important. There is also a hall which is a key space, offering a varied resource, from dinner hall or gym to theatre.


The hall is a great space for the school, but until recently usage was limited by the trustee old wooden blocks, used for staging. Replacing these with a new modern stage design has given the hall a new lease of life! The new stage can be constructed in a variety of formats, either multi-level or flat with simple construction and no complicated nuts and bolts. The Q-Build stage is a modular design and constructed through the use of frames and panels, so is light enough for the students to build it, yet strong enough to support their performance!


“Drama, music and performance are important parts of the school’s curriculum, so the new staging has quickly become an amazing asset to the school. With its flexibility, the stage has and will be used for an assortment of performances, including plays, carol concerts, musical quartets, assemblies, festivals, the orchestra and choir, plus the particularly emotional preschool nativity. Using it to its full capabilities, head teacher Mrs “K” also has plans to use it in a tiered design for raked seating. In fact she is particularly impressed with Q-Build she commented ‘We’re delighted with it, it’s been in constant and very varied use’”.


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