Terrington, a small North Yorkshire village, has a multi-purpose Village Hall which is at the heart of the community.

Built in 1994, licensed to seat up to 200, the hall had no raised staging until 1997, but after the start of the Terrington Arts touring promotions funding became available for investment. Terrington Arts, now a registered charity, was set up to promote, improve and develop local knowledge and understanding of the arts by providing facilities in art, craft, music and drama.

Promoting and performing, using just a level floor was restricting, so a solution was sought which had the flexibility to be used for a variety of purposes, and a non-permanent stage, that could be stored away was key. Funding was raised in memory of a village supporter, and Keystage was bought as a solution to create a raised platform.


Immediately proving to be a sound investment, Keystage increased the amount of touring and village shows that the hall could then accommodate.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The next stage of the Hall’s growth was when the Terrington Players reformed. The reunion of the drama group prompted further investment into new lighting equipment and speaker system, plus a further staging set, extending the scope of activities as well as the stage itself.

The next phase of development saw investment from the village choir in 2007. Another regular user of the hall, the choir a friendly group of about 25 local people who enjoy singing classical and modern, music from the shows, sacred music and carols at Christmas. The group found that in addition to the existing stage, a second lower height set of staging would produce the ideal split level format needed to perform. Additionally the lower stage could be used independently to raise single performers, speakers or used for small audiences.


“Keystage has provided Terrington Village Hall with the versatility it needs to adapt to the different uses required from a wide variety of people. In fact due to the staging, Terrington was able to host a 10 day Festival. Keystage was used in a multitude of formats and highlighted an assortment of events including dancing, bands, speakers, cabaret and kick-boxing. The Festival was a great triumph and an event which brought the community together, whilst successfully promoting the arts in various forms.

Due to the range of uses and users, the ability to be built in different layouts, to be stored away and transported is a crucial concept. The hall users have found it a strong simple asset, illustrated in stating the platform is ‘robust and no maintenance has been needed’. Keystage has given Terrington Village Hall the extra element necessary to perform its most vital role, to provide the village with a complete community facility.”


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