Tuesday 14th May 2013

At Sibford School in Oxfordshire each child is recognised as an individual, cultivating a thirst for knowledge to provide them with the best possible education, amazing facilities and all supported by a Quaker ethos.

Sibford School

In a 50 acre setting, the independent day and boarding school has a variety of facilities for 3-18 year olds including an indoor swimming pool, sports hall, drama studio, amazing outdoor spaces and a fully functional performance theatre.

The school hall used to be a dull, dark and cold, rather uninspiring space, but with the help of Stage Systems the senses have been awoken, creativity sparked and a new energy evoked. How? By transforming the space with their state of the art performance equipment including retractable seating, professional sound and light and of course, a stage on which to perform.

The space is now light (or can be atmospherically darkened with black out curtains), acoustically enhanced and technically set for all sorts of shows, plays, events and performances.  The adaptable space is regularly used for meetings for worship, music meetings, lessons, exams and sports as well as school shows and performances. Now the hall is also now starting to be used within the community, has been hired out and has even been used as a ballroom for a local schools partnership “Strictly Come Dancing” event. The speed in which the seating can be set out or put away, plus the ease of controlling the sound and light has given the facility a new identity; it is now a pleasure to use, and the frantic, frustrating and time consuming way that chairs were individually set out or stacked, or the cumbersome scaffolding rigs needed to rig theatrical lighting are now a thing of the past. Furthermore the school can now offer students qualifications in the technical side of theatre studies as well as performing arts studies, developing talents on and off stage.


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