Saturday 4th May 2013

Singing is at the heart of every member of the choral society in Lutterworth. From Advent to Easter, Spring to Summer, whatever the occasion, there is a reason to sing! The 50 strong group hosts a variety of choral events including themed musical nights and group performances.


The need for the society to have their own tiered stage to raise the whole group of performers, created a bit of a problem, as the group sings at three different locations and they didn’t want to buy in triplicate! So when Q-plus tiering was offered it matched their needs perfectly with compact and lightweight storage and transport, plus the ability to be built in different ways to suit the different spaces. What’s more this enthusiastic and forward thinking choral group now even hire out their stage locally to other groups, offering transport and assembly inclusively.

With a full calendar of events for the rest of the year including their April Coronation Concert (with local school children), Summer Concert and future Christmas events, Lutterworth Choral society is now raised up and ready to sing.

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