Friday 28th June 2013

Studying performing arts at Brooksby Melton College is a great student experience. Giving the students the freedom to explore new ways to perform, the college offers different programmes of study, support and guidance plus great facilities.

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The performance facilities at Brooksby enable the students to fully engage with their work, using drama studios, lighting and staging that can be fully utilised for individual purposes. The staging at the college is Q-build, enabling the students to create their own stage designs with the minimum of supervision, which gives them more creativity and independence.  Q-build worked perfectly for an Edinburgh fringe style show at the college, with short performances planned throughout the day and Q-build was used to build two basic stages, a catwalk and then two towers to place TV monitors on.

Due to the speed and simplicity of Q-build, the students were able to turn the performances round really quickly, then stack and store the staging away when not used.  What’s more, thanks to the ease of build and light weight, the students did all the building and creating themselves, helping to gain experience and confidence in different aspects of theatre management.

Above all, the flexibility of Q-build has dramatically improved the studio area and will be a major part of the new performance facilities that are planned at the college in the future.

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