Wednesday 5th September 2018

Stage the Perfect Performance

It seems that we’ve only just had our Summer holidays and the children return back to school!  There is only a limited time to make plans for the School production in the run up to Christmas.  It can take children 2-3 months to learn their lines and songs for the show, so early preparation is the key to success.

At Stage Systems we have spoken to hundreds of Schools over the past 50 years and the School production has always been a key event in the school calendar.  This is a chance for every child to have their moment, to invite the community into your school, to make their parents or carers proud, and to show their talent to grow their confidence and self-esteem.

We always take a consultative approach here at Stage Systems, so we always offer suggestions on how to maximise your space, here are some considerations:

  • Ensure that you have the right amount of staging for your performers
  • Will the stage be high enough for parents to see their child comfortably?
  • Do you need to raise/tier the audience and not the performers?
  • Do you have an existing stage and need to extend it?
  • Is there enough space to walk on and exit the stage?
  • Have you allowed for special safety concerns such as ramps, handrails and steps?
  • Do you have sufficient storage space?
  • Will you be needing lighting?


Of course the whole production is not just about the stage, there are so many other preparations:

  • Which show? There are hundreds of productions available with excellent music.
  • Allocate job roles for teachers, volunteer parents and students such as Producer, Director, Music Director, Choreographer, Stage Manager, Set Designer, Lighting, Costume Designer, Sound and Prop Designer.
  • Gather all design roles together for some pre-preparation ideas before rehearsals start and create a mood board.
  • If you are a larger school you may want to hold auditions, if a smaller one you could allocate roles or ask for volunteers.
  • Create a rehearsal plan using a calendar, and hold the rehearsals in a comfortable space, include the choreography in the schedule.
  • Set goals, deadlines and expectations and share with everyone, if necessary get Parents involved!

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