Our disability ramps for staging have been designed to cater for a variety of requirements and are all DDA compliant.

WC102 Wheelchair Ramp For Staging

The WC102, 1:12 ramp, which allows a wheelchair user unassisted use, is suitable for use with 500mm high staging.  It fits onto our Q-Build/Plus 500mm units, but can also be used with our 277.5mm high Q-Build/Plus staging.  The disability access ramp is 900mm wide, has wheelchair stop plates to all sides, and a landing at the half way point.

As an extra safety measure, Vertical bar handrails are included at the landing and at the point where you access/leave the stage.  The finish on the disabled ramp is non-slip and waterproof.  The ramp comes with its own wheeled storage dolly which takes up less than a 1m diameter storage area when loaded.

The product has a 15-year guarantee, and can hold weights up to 7.5kN per meter square.

The ramp can also be used stand alone to reach any 500mm high staging/platform.  We can customise the ramp with fixings if required.  We can also customise the ramp to work at other heights and change all finishes colours to suit specific requirements/surroundings.


WC101 Wheelchair Ramp For Staging

The WC101 has all the same attributes as the higher WC102, but is for use with the 277.5mm Q-Build/Plus Staging Units (we can also supply this for our old style 300mm high Q-Build/Plus Units).  Again, we can customise this 1:12 access slope to meet specific needs, either in size or finish.




RQ72 Portable Hook On Stage Ramp

We also supply an RQ72 hook on ramp which is designed for assisted use when there is a requirement for a wheelchair user, or independent use for anyone who is not able to manage step, or to get heavy equipment onto a platform using trolley.  The RQ72 is 900mm wide and can simply hook on to our Q-Build/Plus staging at 500mm, 300mm and 277.5mm heights.

This product can be used with other staging/platforms by adapting the hook or providing a different fixing solution for your needs.

All our ramps are good quality, robust and will last.  All parts for the ramps are UK made.  If you would like more information on our accessibility equipment for staging, contact us here.


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