Friday 4th September 2015

Whether it is a major production or a lunchtime performance, the benefits of young people taking part in dance, theatrical or musical productions should not be underestimated.

As well as helping to improve social skills through team working and collaboration, the performing arts can help young people express their creativity, build confidence and become physically active. All of which can help to benefit their general wellbeing and academic success.

With so many benefits, most schools offer children regular opportunities to take part in class productions. However, for many schools the layout of the school hall can limit their ability to drive the children forward in terms of their abilities and ambitions.

A solution is to invest in a flexible and multi-purpose stage solution such as Q-build from Stage Systems. This flexible stage system can be easily adapted into an array of layouts including multi-level staging. Neatly storing away, Q-build ensures the space can be used for other activities when required. To complete the look, accessories such as ramps, handrails and curtains can also be supplied.

The Q-build solution was recently installed at Buckinghamshire Prep school, The Godstowe School. With an emphasis on performance and facilities regularly used by the whole school, a need was identified for an extension to the existing stage. Q-build was chosen thanks to its versatility and ease of storage. It was used to create extra space and to allow for a more creative stage layout, including the ability to stage performances at different heights, thanks to the multi-level staging option.

Thrilled with the result, the school now regularly enjoys productions, concerts and other events using the Q-build solution.

If your school or performing arts class is held back by inadequate staging that limits production potential, consider installing a flexible and versatile solution that can be adapted for all kinds of stage performances.

Here at Stage Systems, we offer tailored solutions for primary, secondary and further education establishments and our wide range of stage solutions includes portable, tiered and flat staging, depending on your requirements. For more details or advice on the right staging solution for your school or organisation, call the Stage Systems team on 01509 611 021.

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