Q-build and Q-plus Staging Accessories

Various accessories are available to enhance your demountable Q-build and tiered Q-plus staging.

To make staging the perfect performance even easier, we also offer a range of accessories that are compatible with our staging kits. We have accessories to provide support and help with safety as well as drapes and skirting to bring the overall look together.



Storage Trolley & Castors

Our storage trolley is an invaluable optional extra. It allows you to quickly and easily store all decks, frames and steps when the stage is not in use. After a performance, you just stack all components neatly onto the trolley which can then be wheeled away effortlessly, making your staging both space efficient and transportable. Replacement castors are also available.

Accessory Bag

Our accessory bag contains replacement tie plates and bungs for your Q-build or Q-plus staging.


Safety rails and step handrails

Staging must always provide a safe and secure environment for all performers – this is a primary requirement of health and safety legislation. Our safety rails offer you the option of either vertical or horizontal bars, and simply slot into the frames to provide a safety barrier at the edge of the staging or steps.

Access Ramps

Our access ramps provide an alternative route to the stage and have a gentle 1:12 gradient as required under DDA regulations. All access ramps have side stop plates, plus strong and durable Wisadeck flooring which incorporates a hardwearing anti-slip mesh pattern for maximum grip and safety.


Skirting And Fascia Panels

Skirting uses soft fabric to conceal the stage legs with small curtaining which has a 50% gather, and can also coordinate with the back drapes. Fascia panels attach to the stage and are a different way to conceal the stage legs. They can also coordinate with the rest of the stage in a boxed design.

Varied Deck Finishes

Our reversible decks give you the option of having the same finish on each side or two different finishes – it’s entirely up to you. You can select from a range of finishes – standard, wood stain, matt black emulsion, vinyl, carpet or a bespoke effect, and mix and match exactly as you like. It’s just another way that Stage Systems products give you enormous flexibility and variety, when it comes to the staging options you can choose.

Drape Posts and Drapes

To add drapes to your stage, use our drape posts which simply slot into the stage frame to create a framework for back and side curtains. Our range of drapes are available in a flame retardant ‘dim out’ fabric, and offer a good choice of colours to match your interior colour or design scheme.


You can choose from single tread, double tread or boxed steps to meet your own individual needs and the requirements or limitations of your performance space. This choice gives you the flexibility of having different ways of getting onto the stage. All of our step units are easy to use and simply hook onto the stage frame.

Tri-decks and Frames

If you want to have the freedom to create varied stage layouts with more unusual or angled designs, choose our tri-decks and frames. These combine to produce a tri unit and can be used in conjunction with our standard Q-build units to create an almost endless variety of stage configurations.

bridge deck

Bridge decks – single or double

Our bridge decks are a cost-effective way to increase the stage area, and hook neatly onto the adjacent frames on each side. With a metal under structure and a deck attached, our bridge decks are available in single (one deck) or double (two decks) width. Our bridge decks are not reversible, but you have a choice of finish.


Communion rails

Our communion rails are perfect not just for religious services, but also for all kinds of readings, recitals and performances. They look impressive and offer an additional level of safety. In a choice of oak clad or open designs, the communion rail neatly slots into the Q-build unit.

For more information on our accessories and how you can enhance other types of staging, get in touch.